Salted Caramel Chocolate Rock Toppings 7 OZ

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Get your customers talking with this salted caramel chocolate rocks topping! The fun, irregular shapes look like real rocks and colorful stones. This topping features a golden color and irresistible salted caramel flavored coating. Whether you have an adventure-themed restaurant or just want to reimagine your most popular sweet treats, this salted caramel chocolate rocks topping is perfect! Plus, your staff won’t have to spend too much time digging around for these petite precious stones, as they’re ready to use for any dish. Simply sprinkle them onto ice cream and serve!

Whether you’re creating decadent ice cream sundaes or other sweet treats, you’ll find plenty of uses for this bulk supply of salted caramel chocolate rocks topping. You can even use it as a sweet garnish for frosted cupcakes and pastries. Include it in your self serve ice cream or frozen yogurt bar, and your customers will love choosing their favorite toppings. Stock your business with the best-tasting toppings, including this salted caramel chocolate rocks topping.